Sign up for our Women's Self Protection Seminar to be held on Oct. 15th at 3p now! You don't need to be a member to join us. Also watch out for our Fight-team Scholarship program coming soon!
Welcome to Team Enso Self Defense. We provide training in all things self defense and martial arts. Our primary focus aims at Japanese systems; however, students will be exposed to Chinese, Filipino, European, and American systems as well. While our training is mostly self-protection focused, we also train competive combat sports atheletes. Additionally, we have strong traditional martial arts roots and students are exposed to the traditional side of the arts as well.
Dojo front Dojo Kenpo floor
Dojo Judo floor
We offer private and group classes in stand-up disciplines such as Kenpo, grappling arts, and weapons training. Please feel free to contact us for more information or come in to visit about how Team Enso can meet your needs!
Ottawa High School Gym Class Ottawa High School Gym Class In addition to our normal course offerings we love interacting with the community, working with local schools to bring self-protection awareness to young folks.
Girl Scout Partner Girl Scout Partner We are also official Girl Scout Community Partners and schedule various learning events so that girls can have fun, learn about consent and self protection, and earn badges!
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